About The Miss

The Miss, by a miss.

The Miss began when founder, Seema Gulani found inspiration in her roots.

The beautiful and culturally rich heritage town of Udaipur, Rajasthan was home to the early life of our founder. She saw art and design in every corner of the city, from its architecture to its traditions and of course, the people. Ideas soon implemented into reality as it gave rise to a local and homegrown design studio for women. To ensure that the traditional art of Udaipur does not stay away from the classy lifestyle of Mumbai, she decided to bring this culture to her new residence in the form of fashion. The prints, colors, and styles designed by The Miss reflect India’s rich tradition while adapting to Mumbai’s fashion-forward mindset.

We believe that the quality of our product should speak for itself. Every product has been created keeping in mind customer comfort and satisfaction. Our highly skilled labor has made certain that each pair is intricately handmade with the supreme craftsmanship, creativity, and quality. We’ve got you covered for absolutely any indo-western or Indian outfit you need and we also undertake customizations to bring your own dreamy designs to life. To make the process of choosing the right products easier for customers, we conduct exhibitions all around the country while we are permanently located at the Lokhandwala Market in Mumbai.

We strive to achieve mastery in every aspect of creation while ensuring that the prices are never a point of concern. We set the deal with regards to comfort, quality and price. What sets us apart is our impressive, intricate hand embroidery and finishing carried out by skilled Indian laborers who take pride in what they do. Our motive of customer satisfaction will make certain that you never have to compromise on any aspect of your footwear buying experience.