Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • At The Miss, we are committed to protecting the privacy of every individual who visits this website.
  • While our main objective shall always be granting an enjoyable shopping experience to our customers, it is necessary for us to collect certain personal information to make your future shopping experiences easier. Thus, with the help of this Privacy Policy, we protect your right to privacy.
  • The nature of the information collected (if any), is simply to allow us to contact you, should you choose to, or for us to contact you based on the business relation you establish by purchasing or making an order online.
  • Such information is taken with the objective of following up with you with regards to any orders that you might initiate on this website.
  • However, any information stored does NOT include:
  • Account Number
  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date

Or any financial details, other than details related to purchase or interest of products by you, and is purely restricted to order, contact and preferences.

  • We may collect:
  • Your Session
  • Contact Details &
  • Order information.

All such information shall be stored on our server and your browser in the form of session storage or cookies.

  • We will NOT share it with any third party, other than those necessary to make the delivery of the product(s) to you, marketing material to you, and improvement purposes.
  • We may send marketing material in the form of emails or common digital mediums, to your contact information also.
  • We may also study your spending patterns to improve our service offering.
  • The Miss reserves the right to make alterations to this policy in the future without notice.
  • This Privacy Policy applies to this website.
  • By continuing to access this website, you assent to this Privacy Policy.